Reskinning My First App


Okay. I’ve purchased the source code for Word Pic. I bought it with the intention of reskinning it to a logo guessing game. It seemed simple enough to reskin – change the graphics and the concept. Boom and boom. I wanted to keep things simple so I could get the whole reskinning process under my belt. I figured that it would get easier after the first one. I also figured I can reskin this source code with other themes too – but first, let’s just concentrate on reskinning it once.

Picking Source Code


I’ve decided on my first app. It’s a word guessing game where there are tiles that cover a picture and you press the tiles to uncover the picture and try to guess what it is a picture of. I found it on the Blue Cloud Solutions site (it’s called Pic Word). There are two license versions you can buy – one that gives you the ability to reskin the code once and an unlimited license that let’s you reskin the code an unlimited amount of times.